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Second Meiji Restoration CHAPTER I - Demise of Taihoku Shogunate.

From Here to Perpetuity:- ”Imperial Rescript on Political Participation of the Residents of Korea and Taiwan.” Imperial Rescript of April 1st, 1945 (Showa 20). Signed original. 署名原本・昭和二十年・詔書四月一日・朝鮮及台湾住民政治参与ニ関スル詔書 (…查看更多資訊
2015 22 5 月
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china-warns-taiwan-opposition-leader-over-independence-calls-044642386.htmlWhy the US can not condone a Taiwan declaration of independence is buried in a past when Taiwan was included in the map of the Empire of Japan.A hint: when it comes to the Senkakus, the US only acknowledges current Japanese government control over the…查看更多資訊
2015 14 5 月
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2015 2 5 月
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The Scandal. . .

How a Celebrity's Facebook Check-In Brought Down a Brigade in TaiwanThe scandal lies in tolerating the following war crimes:- US Congress-approved arms sales to a de-recognized, sovereignty-impaired Chinese Nationalist regime exiled on Japanese Taiwan.- Forced conscription of the local Japanese Imperial Subjects in the military of an exiled Chinese Nationalist regime. -…查看更多資訊
2015 19 4 月
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2015 13 4 月
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2015 9 4 月
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台湾と戦後日本の一体化で、大日本帝国の 新たな曙へと、如何?今の台湾で、大日本帝国臣民であり続けていらっしゃる信念の元に頑張っている皇民化生代とその末裔で形成された一群が未だ無視無知に迷う同胞の啓蒙に励んでいらっしゃる。Addressing the Legal Rights of Japanese Nationals in Taiwan vs. US and Republic of China seeks invalidation of the 1946 Nationality Decrees…查看更多資訊
2015 3 4 月
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USAF = US wishes you happy April Fools' day ?! Who's the joke on?

Though in and of itself a pregnant omen of how the issue might evolve to the satisfaction of the silent majority, I find the fortuitous landing of two Ospreys a bit lame, inadequate. If it purports to be an April Fools' rejoinder to my letter to the Commander-in-Chief posted on the contact page of the Obama White House sometime in the fall of 2013, the prank's fine by me. Otherwise, I would not know whether to laugh or cry. ———————————————————————————————————————————————To  the Commander in…查看更多資訊
2015 2 4 月
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Lin v. USA/ROC (2015)

I just read your complaint for declaratory judgement.I was gratified to find on page 23 of your document that a long time ago, "(n)otably, in July 1952, the American Embassy in Tokyo reported to the State Department their view of the position of the Japanese government regarding Taiwan at the outset of the Treaty:'The only thing to which Japan has agreed is a renunciation of sovereignty, thus leaving the islands of Formosa and the Pescadores floating unattached and uncontrolled in some misty…查看更多資訊
2015 1 3 月
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2014 27 3 月
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2014 11 2 月
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占領日本台灣後運作台灣美國海軍軍政府 - 台灣戰爭史回顧 (359)

占領日本台灣後運作台灣美國海軍軍政府 - 台灣戰爭史回顧 (359)Your article rightfully mentioned the late Senator Clairborne Pell and his unwavering advocacy of Taiwan., you failed to mention a towering figure of Japanese Formosa history who went through the same training in preparation of an invasion of Japanese Formosa - i.e."Formosa Betrayed" author and first hand witness of the 288 slaughter of Formosan Japanese at…查看更多資訊
2014 26 1 月
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台系なり、和系なり、皆皇民 台湾人の日本贔屓は、ほとんど「SOS、助けて」と言うに等しいのです。蟻地獄に呑まれつつある蟻の、助命の叫びなのです。(台湾監獄島、柯旗化、1992、第一出版社、台湾、高雄市新興区八徳二路37号)台湾住民の間で唯一に欠けているのは、外国軍占領下に置かれっ放しにされた日本帝国臣民である意識です。 台湾系日本人がまとめて太平洋戦区の最後の残留日本人です。 彼らは「隠れ日本人」であることしか自慢し続けなければ、状態の改善を得るはずがないと思われます。 台湾住民が解放された中国領土内の中国人ではありません。…查看更多資訊
2014 24 1 月
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久々ですが、取り急ぎに下記のリンクを配って、 皆様に参考にして頂きたいと存じます。見る途中ですが、如何に林博士ご指導の内容が徐々に日本全国の世論で注目を集めていることの証にしたいと思います。【GHQ焚書図書開封】西尾幹二全集刊行記念講演会2[桜H26/1/22]查看更多資訊
2014 23 1 月
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2014 8 1 月



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