Second Meiji Restoration CHAPTER I - Demise of Taihoku Shogunate.

From Here to Perpetuity:
  2. - ”Imperial Rescript on Political Participation of the Residents of Korea and Taiwan.” Imperial Rescript of April 1st, 1945 (Showa 20). Signed original. 署名原本・昭和二十年・詔書四月一日・朝鮮及台湾住民政治参与ニ関スル詔書 (

Factor in the above documents, and the issue of the interim legal status of Formosa turns out to be a lot less complex than you would think.




No loose ends. Neatly tied up. So obvious.
Incidentally, the current situation on the island is like witnessing the run-up to the quietest and most peaceful second Meiji Restoration.
CHAPTER I - Demise of Taihoku Shogunate.
Or, am I mistaken?

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