US, Japan trust each other but both wary of China: poll

My comment:

@ the web editors , Super Powers editorial desk

Awesome page design. As PM Shinzo Abe is agonizing over his coming address to the US Congress, the  serendipity of it !!  

  1. A main headline, a marquee conflating how the publics of the two allies perceive each other positively and see eye to eye over the issue that most unites them. US-Japan Security alliance going strong in the able hands of an Obama-Abe team. Both men concur on an agenda that stresses a peaceful sharing of the commons resting on respect of international law by all involved. 
  2. That bracketing, that organic inclusion of a Taiwan-related article inside the womb of an US-Japan alliance-related piece.
  3.  The choice of differing font sizes in the pairing of those two AFP articles. When one is aware of how that French news agency is beholden to the Zhongnanhai propaganda commissars, that little feat of web page editing reveals the stroke of genius that inspired those who crafted it.
  4. The illustrations linking both head-lines. The two national flags positioned atop of the inclusion dedicated to a geographical area that remains an inalienable Jewel of the Japanese Crown. The security of the area is assured by a bi-lateral defense treaty that predates the birth of the current successors of the two former foes, as Xi Jing-Ping, Mark Ma and their minions know well.
  5. The low-down, Taiwan is a Principality of Andorra-like territory placed under a dual trusteeship whose Princes are the President of the USA and the Emperor of Japan. In any Taiwan urgency, the commanders-in-chiefs of both nations will act as one in pairing the diplomatic and military assets at their fingertips.
  6. An alternative design could replace the two national flags. How about a watchful bald eagle holding lighting bolts in its talons and sailing high over a Taiwan that has the Chrysanthemum Seal embossed all over it?

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