USAF = US wishes you happy April Fools' day ?! Who's the joke on?

Though in and of itself a pregnant omen of how the issue might evolve to the satisfaction of the silent majority, I find the fortuitous landing of two Ospreys a bit lame, inadequate. If it purports to be an April Fools' rejoinder to my letter to the Commander-in-Chief posted on the contact page of the Obama White House sometime in the fall of 2013, the prank's fine by me. Otherwise, I would not know whether to laugh or cry. 
To  the Commander in Chief and down the US-DoD line of command.
Avail yourselves of the opportunity Zhongnanhai is offering you on a platter to fulfill your SFPT-mandated occupation duties. 

Under SFPT articles 2b, 4b and 23a, the US ought to be officially and bodily occupying Japanese Formosa. Since April 28, 1952, when Congress approved the Treaty of Peace with Japan, the US is in charge on Japanese Formosa and dependencies in the South China Sea and East China Sea. 

In regard of the area called Taiwan, we understand that the US is fulfilling its mission at sea, in the air and in space. However, and as the latest developments in the seas around the Taiwan area confirm, effective control on Formosa and dependencies is badly lacking. 

In its eagerness not to appear pursuing territorial expansion, and also in aiming at humbling a defeated foe, the principal occupying power of Japan allowed a failed ally - Generalissimo Chiang in Chungking - to put boots on an inherent territory of Japan in Formosa. 

Through SFPT, the US belatedly took charge on Japanese Formosa. However, that remained on paper only. On the island, the US kept using the Chiangs as proxies. From the standpoint of the occupied, the Japanese Formosans, the US has been going AWOL for sixty-nine years now. 

While the Chinese on both banks of the Taiwan Strait have made nice through their signing of ECFA, Chinese irredentism is baring its fangs in the western Pacific. The balance of power in the area is ripe. It calls urgently for a change of guard on US-occupied Japanese Formosa.

In order to unambiguously establish 
legal American effective control, take over control of airbases and naval bases, activate  the US military government on Taiwan, coral the exiled rebels back inside their compounds and last but not least, bring along Japanese boots. If it is intended for Formosa to develop its own defense capabilities, history tells us that Japanese military advisors' participation will be of the essence in ensuring mission success.
In order to foster a provisional local leadership, the civil affairs division of the US military government on Taiwan will rely as needed on Japanese civil governance talents seasoned by years of participation in Japanese government-sponsored international cooperation programs.

M. President, atone for your predecessors' shameful dereliction of duty stemming from a spiteful, un-American and pre-civil rights movement frame of mind. 
Heed the Formosan Japanese aspirations. Fulfill your occupier's duties to the long-neglected Japanese Formosans.
May God help you do the right thing right, M. President
Jerome M. Besson

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