"Sunflower" protesters are taking up where their grandpas left in March 1947

 "Sunflower" protesters are taking up where their grandpas left in March 1947. 

1. In October 1945, the US Navy had ferried on Japanese Taiwan a horde of illiterate beggar-soldiers whose behavior harked back to the Mongol invasions. A Chungking-based warlord and FDR's puppet, Chiang Kai-shek, had been ordered on Taiwan by Harry Truman to receive the surrender of the IJA garrison. 
2. The October 24, 1945 surrender ceremony was an international military affair. But Chen Yi, CKS's representative, pretended it was a territorial retrocession ceremony. What that inept Hun forgot was that neither his counterpart, IJA General and Governor General of Taiwan Rikichi Ando nor he had their respective government's mandate to initiate an international treaty that would have needed ratification by both countries legislative branch to be enforceable.
3. In early March 1947, those Huns raped and slaughtered the flower of Japanese Taiwan youth. In their flight from hails of US-supplied bullets, Formosan Japanese chucked off their getas.
4. In 1949, Harry Truman allowed Mao Tze-tung to unload on occupied Japanese Formosa the dregs of China's resistible rise from feudalism, warlordism and colonialism.
5. On September 8, 1951 in San-Fransisco, PM Shigeru Yoshida signed the first international treaty of a new Japanese state. SFPT dictates that Japan can not dispose of a Japanese territory while said territory remains under foreign occupation. Furthermore, the continued presence of a Chinese civil war faction on Formosa is brushed under the carpet of US occupation (SFPT articles 4b and 23a).
6; The Taiwan Relation Act of 1979 is a commentary on SFPT which the US legislative branch added to prevent any US executive branch's reckless disposition of US-occupied Japanese Taiwan.

The "Sunflower" protesters could make a resounding statement out of putting those quaint getas on. And with them, walk all over the unlawfully imported constitution their brainwashed moms and dads deem theirs.

Sa, Ketagalan he deyou!

Karan-koron, karan-koron, 

Ketagalan de! Washoi!

Karan-koron sawagi ga yoi deshou!

Washoi, washoi, shoi!

Sore, hakke yoi deshouSore!

So ya!

Sa, mo ikkai….

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真是觀察入微的描述    Really observant description

Vous avez une idée merveilleuse. Merci beaucoup !

On laid-back Formosa, no other foot gear beats a pair of getas. 

Salut à vous, Kevin et Brahms. Je viens d'entendre en directe le discours du Président Obama à Bruxelles. Il a parlé de l'Ukraine et de la Crimée. Mais d'une manière voilée, il a aussi mentionné les "tournesols".

Stay tuned.

Thank you for telling us this information from President Obama  in Brussels.

We just wait for the official response  in the web site of " We the People"  https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/oppose-trade-agreement-be...  our  signatures had exceeded 100,000  in this peption

US committee urges support for Taiwan


Democratic Representative Alan Grayson told the House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee on Tuesday that Taiwan should not be absorbed by China.

“We can and should support their desire for self-determination,” he said.

“It is possible for Taiwan to be free and independent,” he added.   

But does  the representative Alan Grayson  know the true Taiwan international posiion 

" 日屬美占"  



Hearing: The Promise of the Taiwan Relations Act

2172 Rayburn House Office Building Washington, DC 20515-6128 | Mar 14, 2014 9:30am 

http://foreignaffairs.house.gov/hearing/hearing-promise-taiwan-rela... )

Opening Statement of the Honorable Ed Royce (R-CA), Chairman House Foreign Affairs Committee Hearing on “The Promise of the Taiwan Relations Act” March 14, 2014 

http://docs.house.gov/meetings/FA/FA00/20140314/101903/HHRG-113-FA0... )

Written Testimony by Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Kin Moy at the House Foreign Affairs Committee Hearing “The Promise of the Taiwan Relations Act” March 14, 2014

http://docs.house.gov/meetings/FA/FA00/20140314/101903/HHRG-113-FA0... )

I parsed both Ed Royce's and Kin Moy's opening statements for clues.

Republic of China
House : 1 ; DoS : 0

Taiwan (the political entity, including "the Taiwanese Air Force")
House : 8 ; DoS : 1

The people of Taiwan
House : 1 ; DoS : 0

The people on Taiwan
House : 0 ; DoS : 6

As shown above, while the Honorable Ed Royce for the House, has no problem dealing with the R.O.C., DoS's Kin Moy steadfastly sticks to "the people on Taiwan".

The lowdown. 
1. The policy of ambiguity is primarily meant to keep the legislative branch hoodwinked. Political Taiwan trumps legal Taiwan. What you are given to see (political Taiwan) hides the truth (legal Taiwan).

2. When the political refugees group the US tolerates on Taiwan as its fiduciary commingles with a third party to smuggle the vessel and its cargo of slaves out, what ought the principal do?

3. The good people of Taiwan are on notice that as long as they keep embracing the wrong allegiance, they will be kept growing hydroponically in the R.O.C. (Taiwan) greenhouse.

J.B.'s the 116, 458 on March 28, 20014.

At last count the petition reached the 116, 531 mark.

 Taiwan cilvil goverment  leading by Dr. Lin represents  legal Taiwan, and We hope the ambigious policy toward  Taiwan will be ended by President Obama in the near future. When  US Army restore their duty on Taiwan, People of Taiwan will gradually understand the true international position . God bless Taiwan ,USA,Japan and all the world .


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