I just read your complaint for declaratory judgement.

I was gratified to find on page 23 of your document that a long time ago, "(n)otably, in July 1952, the American Embassy in Tokyo reported to the State Department their view of the position of the Japanese government regarding Taiwan at the outset of the Treaty:

'The only thing to which Japan has agreed is a renunciation of sovereignty, thus leaving the islands of Formosa and the Pescadores floating unattached and uncontrolled in some misty limbo of international law where the Japanese in some way hope they will remain until the fortune of events makes them once again available to Japan.'" (Foreign Service Dispatch from the American Embassy, Tokyo, to the Department of State, Dispatch No. 50, dated May 13, 1952, at pg. 3.)

We know that the left-behind in occupied Taiwan hoped for no less.

I am also reminded of that Japanese court judge's commentary in his 1982 court ruling. I would like to be able to confront that uninformed, insensitive judge for having implied that, for all he cared of the "kominka" generation's and their offspring's fate, they might be PRC citizens since 1972.


Lin v. USA/ROC (2015): http://www.taiwandocuments.net/lin/lin-v-usa2.htm

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It is the residual sovereignty, the exile goverment (ROC) must leave Formosa and the Pescadores, the principal occupying power (USMG) must come back .

 but the truth was still understood by minority  In Japan and Taiwan 


But first, Imperial Subjects must grow a spine. They must reject any suggestion that they have been colonized. The development of the Imperial Japanese territory of Taiwan was a comprehensive process of assimilation designed to benefit the Japanese nation as whole. And "whole" here includes Taiwan.  

Imperial Subjects (see 翻一本書 for clarification)  presently residing on the island of Formosa and surrounding islands must oppose the proxy occupying authority's ordinances whenever these contravene the laws of war and occupation and infringe on the occupied population's human rights.

No need for any training of the body or toughening of the soul. Just breath out the slave mentality once. And while breathing in spring air, stand erect and confident of your own identity. You are all and each one of you proud Imperial Subjects. Über-Japanese.

Grow an Imperial Spine.

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