Blast from the past: CIA Report on March 14, 1949, "Probable Developments in Taiwan": 

1. From the legal standpoint, Taiwan is not part of the Republic of China. Pending a Japanese peace treaty, the island remains occupied territory in which the US has proprietary interests.

2. There is strong sentiment in Taiwan favoring autonomy, but the situation is complicated by the conflicting interests of the native Taiwanese and Chinese Nationalist elements. 

3. It is unlikely that the US, in any course of action, can avoid incurring the hostility of either the Chinese Nationalists or the Taiwanese, each of whom would resent and resist any US effort to support the other. US acquiescence in Nationalist control of Taiwan is resented by the Taiwanese. Positive support to the Nationalists would probably drive the Taiwanese toward the Communists. 

On the other hand, US support to Taiwanese aspirations would require taking over authority from the established Nationalist regime. 

4. Favorable reaction might develop if US program were developed in such a way as to secure local stability and contentment in Taiwan and to satisfy Taiwanese sentiment in favor of autonomy. 

5. It is very probable that the separation of the economy of Taiwan from the Chinese mainland and the reorientation of that economy toward Japan would under present circumstances be beneficial to Taiwan, Japan, and the US. 

Taiwan-raised Mark Ma has been spending eight years trying to give item 5 the lie. But the ghosts of John F. Dulles and Yoshida Shigeru are keeping watch. Those guardian gods protect US-occupied Japanese Formosa. 
两岸的華人 一家亲. = The Chinese from both banks of the strait are family.
No contesting that. 
Now, hoof it off. And on the double, will ya?!
中華民國,滾出我的皇土台灣 (Zhōnghuá mínguó, gǔn chū wǒ de huáng tǔ táiwān)= China, get out of my Imperial territory, Taiwan.

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