Taiwan's president says China relations unshaken by protests

To: Ralph Jennings at the AP Beijing bureau

Subject : 你甲拎北講胡說八道,拎北賣送!!

China-Taiwan ties?
恁爸甲你講乎伊清楚。I know a typo when I see one. Editors, please correct as follows: China-Taiwan lies.

To prevent you goofing off again when Taiwan is at issue, bear with me. Here is what Taiwan is all about.

Taiwan is an inalienable territory of the Empire of Great-Japan currently under a seventy-year long period of foreign occupation. If the natives inhabiting Taiwan had not been brainwashed into assuming themselves Chinese first and lately Taiwanese slaves of the Chinese, they would have the good sense to claim their unextinguished Imperial Crown subjects rights. But the Sinic mongrels sired on Japanese Taiwan by the army of kidnaped coolies (拉夫, lāfū), 土匪 (tǔfěi, bandits), 馬賊 (mǎzéi, rustlers) that a China-hugging US allowed its pet warlord (軍閥) to unload on Japanese Taiwan prefer plotting ineffectually towards their unattainable independence.  

The Empire that includes Taiwan fell through the cracks of the Treaty of Peace with Japan and the quirks and turns of subsequent US decisions, or rather the lack thereof. That Sept 8, 1951 Treaty of Peace recognized Japan independent of the Empire of Great-Japan in much the same way it did for Korea. Whenever Taiwan is the issue at hand, one should make abstraction of 1947 Japan to better locate Taiwan in its 1895+〜 ambit, the Empire of Great-Japan.

Once 1947 Japan is removed from the picture with the April 28, 1952 coming into force of the SFPT, one is left with a map of an Empire of Japan whose territories include Taiwan and its SFPT 2(f) dependencies in the South China Sea, Takeshima ( 竹島, disputed with South-Korea) and the Northern territories ( 北方領土 Hoppō Ryōdo)), disputed with Russia. The Emperor remains the head of state of that elusive Meiji Constitution Empire which present day native inhabitants of Taiwan are the bona fide subjects of, like it or not. 

That is the root cause of the US rejection of Taiwanese independence as a topic. As was the case for Okinawa before the 1971 retroversion, the US refrains from encouraging independence of Japanese Crown territory, Taiwan while Taiwan is under its watch. In the interim, the true US position on the Taiwan issue has nothing to do with Zhongnanhai and Chuuka Taihoku ( 中華台北 )'s preposterous claims. It only hinges on the US recognition that Taiwan is a Japanese Crown territory awaiting normalization of its status of sovereignty.

On the surrender of the Empire of Japan, President Truman ordered Chiang-Kai-Shek from Chungking to take charge of the occupation of Japanese Taiwan. That order from the principal occupying power of the Empire of Japan established Chiang as a subordinate of the commander-in-chief (Truman). Chiang implemented his occupation duties under the paramount authority of Truman.

Next, the wording of the Sept. 8, 1951 Peace Treaty with Japan took great care to insulate Taiwan from Chinese expansionism. At no time since the 1895 signing of the Treaty of Shimonoseki between representatives of the Manchu Court and of the Emperor Meiji, China could claim with a straight face even a shred of the sovereignty of Formosa.

And UN Resolution 2758 expelled a roguish Chiang's clique of warlords from the seat it unlawfully occupied at the UN. The communist regime in Zhongnanhai is internationally recognized the successor in control of the State (or Republic) of China. The Peoples Republic of China (PROC) is ROC. True ROC lives on, controlling China. China is prevented from owing the sovereignty of Taiwan.

The US Congress-passed Taiwan Relations Act (TRA) of Jan. 1, 1979 is a political ploy of the US to skirt once for all its SFPT-mandated occupation duties. Since as far back as April 1952 at least, US boots should have been maintained on Taiwan. And that US military presence could have mitigated the nefarious parasitizing of Japanese Crown territory Taiwan by exiled Chinese occupiers.

Why did not the US military materialize as occupying force on Japanese Taiwan? 

American China hands learned from history, all right. They drew for the US the lessons of how their leaders had snickered while the IJAF was so conveniently denounced as an evil fascist organization implementing the (bogus, Soviet and Chinese engineered) Tanaka plan for conquering China and the world. 

The FDR administration had stirred America out of isolationism and on a war-footing against the Empire of Great-Japan, feeding to its public opinion what the ChiNazi's propaganda machine crafted out of IJAF's legitimate responses to their provocations.

USMG won't materialize on Japanese Crown territory, Taiwan unless Formosa-native Japanese Crown Subjects take their future in their own hands first and by themselves sanitize Japanese Crown territory Taiwan for an inept US. No sooner Taiwan switches its perceived Chinese persona for that of the old foe, the coy principal occupying power is sure to report for occupation duty.

Formosan Japanese, all hands on deck. Throw the 土匪 (tǔfěi, bandits) overboard, give the old Formosa Maru the paint job it so badly needs. Polish the Chrisantemium Seal embossed on its smokestacks . . . . so that a bashful Eagle can alight safely on its deck.

Chinese Taipei ( 中華台北 ) is a ballooning hoax awaiting puncture and expulsion from the Imperial Japanese Crown territory it unlawfully controls within the veil of a US Congress-passed Taiwan Relations Act (TRA). 

Taiwan is neither independent nor Chinese. Presently Taiwan is not a nation. It is merely a geographical area no one, not even its native residents legally own. Owing to the fact of illegal occupation, it is a frauds-governed separate customs territory wrongfully classified under the TPKM acronym under which it clinched WTO membership. 

KM stands for Kinmen and Matsu, outlying territories of China. TP stands for Taiwan and Penghu. There is no correlation allowing TP and KM to stand conjoined, except for the hoax that purports to be the administering authority on both territories.

Legally, Formosans are Japanese Crown Subjects awaiting normalization of their status of allegiance. 


The slogans we should hear reverberating through the skies over Ketagalan, that plaza of Taihoku in front of the venerable governor's palace:
天皇万歳!! 天皇万歳!! 天皇万歳- ア - ア - ア - アイ - イイイイイ !

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