台灣民政府創始人 林志昇秘書長 與 癌症的搏鬥 (中/英)


Taiwan Civil Government founder Roger Lin loses battle with cancer
台灣民政府創始人羅傑.林(Roger Lin) 與癌症搏鬥

作者: Michael Richardson

翻譯: Alven Chen 陳粹玟


Roger Lin, founder of Taiwan Civil Government, died November 6, 2019, after a long battle with cancer. (credit: Taiwan Civil Government)
台灣民政府創始人羅傑·林(Roger Lin)與癌症長期搏鬥後於2019年11月6日去世。(提供者:台灣民政府)

Roger Lin, died November 6, 2019, after a long battle with cancer, Lin passed without the opportunity to clear his name of fraud charges leveled against him by prosecutors of the Republic of China in-exile. Lin spent the last two decades of his life working non-stop to rid Taiwan of the ROC and was arrested in May 2018 in a dramatic police raid accused of being a criminal mastermind.

羅傑·林(Roger Lin)於2019年11月6日去世,與癌症長期搏鬥後,他沒有機會澄清流亡中華民國檢察官對他提出的詐欺指控。林在生命的最後二十年中,一直在不停地工作,促使台灣擺脫中華民國的命運,並於2018年5月在一次戲劇性的警方突襲中被捕,被指控為犯罪策劃者。

The enigmatic founder of Taiwan Civil Government will forever remain a mystery, labeled a con man by the exiled Chinese government he sought to remove from Taiwan or a non-violent revolutionary driven by patriotism for a nation not yet born. Lin was a man who believed in the rule of law although he recognized that law was made by politics.


Although Roger Lin lost two important federal lawsuits over politics, Roger Lin v. United States, which sought American passports for Taiwanese, and Roger & Julian Lin vs. Republic of China & United States, which sought to nullify the ROC Nationality Act which stripped island residents of their Japanese nationality, the two cases have important precedential value . In the passport case the United States Appellate Court of the District of Columbia coined the phrase “political purgatory” and urged President Barack Obama to act to resolve Taiwan’s stateless status.

儘管羅傑·林(Roger Lin)在政治方面擱置待審了兩項重要的聯邦訴訟,但羅傑·林訴美國案(Roger Lin v。United States)為台灣人尋求美國護照,羅傑·朱利安·林(Roger&Julian Lin)對中華民國與美國(US Republic of US)的訴訟旨在廢除剝奪島嶼居民日本國籍的《中華民國國籍法》,這兩起案件具有重要的先例價值。在護照案中,美國哥倫比亞特區上訴法院提出了“政治煉獄”一詞,並敦促奧巴馬總統採取行動解決台灣的無國籍狀態。

For the past decade Lin has worked night and day to build Taiwan Civil Government as a shadow government following many organizational steps used by civil affairs officers in the American military. Lin has courted the American Institute in Taiwan, the defacto United States embassy, and waged a vigorous effort to gain influence with President Donald Trump.


ROC sleuths have been investigating Roger Lin since at least 2009 when Lin was interrogated along with Chen Shui-bian for treason. Former ROC President Chen Shui-bian, in a little known legal maneuver during his prosecution for purported corruption, had sought the protection of the United States Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces. In an affidavit filed in Chen’s appeal he stated that as president he had followed directions from the United States. Lin arranged financing from the Formosa Nation Legal Strategy Association for the appeal which was dismissed. Treason charges were not pursued after both men were interrogated by ROC prosecutors.

至少從2009年以來,羅傑·林(Roger Lin)當時與陳水扁因叛國罪被審問以來,中華民國偵探一直在調查羅傑·林。前中華民國總統陳水扁在以所謂貪污罪被起訴期間,以鮮為人知的法律手段,尋求美國武裝部隊上訴法院的保護。在陳水扁的上訴書中提交的一份宣誓證詞中,他說,作為總統,他遵循了美國的指示。林為上訴安排了從台灣國家法律策略協會的資助,但上訴被駁回。在兩人都被中華民國檢察官審問後,並沒有提出叛國指控

In May 2018, within days of an announced reception with Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross came raids of TCG and the arrests of Lin and others. The new charges were not treason but fraud accusations for supposedly deceiving TCG members about the benefits of the group identity card and vanity license plates. Media manipulation was part of the operation with favorite media outlets tipped by police or prosecutors. A fictitious photo was circulated in the media of cash that was seized from the home of Roger and Julian Lin.

2018年5月,在宣布與商務部長威爾伯·羅斯(Wilbur Ross)會面的幾天之內,TCG遭到突襲,並逮捕了Lin和其他人。新的指控不是叛國罪,而是詐欺指控,罪名是涉嫌關於團體身份證和浮誇車牌的好處欺騙TCG成員。媒體操縱是這次行動的一部分,警察或檢察官會向他們最喜歡的媒體打招呼。在羅傑(Roger)和朱利安·林(Julian Lin)家中搜出現金的一張虛構照片在媒體上流傳。

The big media hoopla for the next 24 hours was about an alleged huge Ponzi scheme, an unprecedented criminal scam, political fraud in a big way, etc. Then the story disappeared from the news media. The same television crews that waited to watch the Lins hauled to jail failed to follow the story. Lin was demonized in the media before he even had a chance to tell his side. Court developments go unreported by the same reporters that “broke” the story. The court developments consist of an endless series of hearings and adjournments, as the prosecutors drag out their case over long months. Roger Lin never got his chance to put on a defense in the non-jury trial.

在接下來的24小時內,各大媒體都在大肆宣揚所謂的龐氏騙局、史無前例的刑事騙局、大規模的政治詐欺等等。隨後,這個故事就從新聞媒體中消失了。同一個電視臺的工作人員等待觀看林家被拖進監獄,未進一步了解這個故事。林在還沒有機會告訴對方之前就被媒體妖魔化了。那些“揭開”這個故事的記者沒有報導法院的發展。法院的發展包括無休止的一系列聽證和休庭,因為檢察官在漫長的幾個月內撤出了案件。羅傑·林(Roger Lin)在無陪審團審判中從未獲得過辯護的機會。

A legal researcher, Lin authored over a dozen books, and lectured extensively on the San Francisco Peace Treaty. Lin believed the 1952 peace treaty that ended World War II in the Pacific controlled the fate of Taiwan, or Formosa as the island was then called. Lin was convinced that neither of the two “one China” claimants, the Peoples Republic of China and the Republic of China in-exile, had any business deciding Taiwan’s fate. Lin believed control of the 1945 Japanese territory belongs jointly to the Emperor of Japan and the United States as the post-war occupying power under international law.


Roger Lin has probably done more than any other single individual to resolve the “strategic ambiguity” that has surrounded Taiwan’s status for seven decades. Yet in the midst of TCG parades,, expensive lobbying campaigns and hefty legal bills Lin is accused of cheating his own group members with false claims. However, many of Lin’s supposed victims have come forward and denied their victim status and continue to support the man who allegedly lied to them.

為了解決圍繞台灣地位長達七十年的“戰略模糊”問題, 羅傑·林(Roger Lin)可能比任何其他人都做得更多。然而,在TCG法理宣傳遊行中,昂貴的遊說活動和巨額的法律費用,Lin被指控以虛假欺騙自己的團隊成員。然而,林的許多所謂的受害者站出來否認他們是受害者身份,並繼續支持據稱對他們撒謊的那個人。

A charismatic leader and fiery orator, Lin built a loyal following of willing donors and volunteers. Lin’s absence will create new challenges for the embattled group he founded. The organization has shown a remarkable resiliency and staying power in the face of the fraud arrests and destruction of the TCG headquarters in July 2019. A true measure of Lin’s accomplishment will be the future of Taiwan Civil Government and whether the group has enough of what it takes to carry on the battle against the Republic of China in-exile.


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