一張真實照片 破除 流亡中華民國政府 的荒謬指控 (中/英)


Taiwanese photographer caught Republic of China prosecution interrogators in lie about Trump adviser photo in controversial political fraud case


作者: Michael Richardson

翻譯: Alven Chen 陳粹玟


Darren Lan and his photograph of Julian Lin and Kellyanne Conway caught Republic of China in-exile prosecution interrogators in a lie in controversial political fraud case. (credits: Taiwan Civil Government/Darren Lan)

達倫 藍(Darren Lan)和他的朱利安·林(Julian Lin)和凱莉安·康威(Kellyanne Conway)的照片 揭獲 發現 了流亡中華民國檢察機關審訊人員在一個有爭議的政治詐欺案中的謊言。(提供者:台灣民政府/達倫 藍)

Professional photographer Darren Lan tells of catching Republic of China in-exile prosecution interrogators in a bold lie during an interrogation session. Lan was hauled in for questioning as a supporter of Taiwan Civil Government following the May 2018 arrests of the group leaders on fraud charges. TCG founder Roger Lin and his wife Julian are accused of masterminding an elaborate political hoax to obtain donations. The pro-American group seeks United States assistance to expel the ROC from Taiwan, thus a 2017 photo of Julian Lin and Trump counselor Kellyanne Conway takes on value as a purported element of fraud.

專業攝影師達倫藍(Darren Lan)講述了在一次審訊過程中 揭獲 發現 了流亡中華民國檢察機關審訊人員在訊問過程中大肆撒謊。2018年5月以詐欺罪名逮捕了該集團領導人之後,達倫藍因為是台灣民政府的支持者所以被傳去問話。TCG創始人羅傑·林(Roger Lin)和他的妻子朱利安(Julian)被指控策劃了一項精心策劃的政治騙局,以獲取捐款。親美團體尋求美國協助將中華民國驅逐出台灣,因此,2017年朱利安·林(Julian Lin)和特朗普顧問凱利琳·康威(Kellyanne Conway)的照片被認為是詐欺行為的重要來源。

Lan volunteers his time on foreign trips to take pictures of Taiwan Civil Government delegations as they lobby to normalize Taiwan’s international relations. At one such event in May 2017, at a POLITICO event sponsored by TCG in Washington, a rendezvous between Lin and Conway was captured on film by Lan. Naturally enough the photograph was circulated through the membership as proof of TCG’s growing influence behind the scenes in Washington. Prosecutors pounced on the photo and interrogators around the island repeatedly displayed the photo denouncing it as computer-generated and a fake during interrogations.

當台灣民政府代表團在國際上遊說使台灣國際地位正常化,達倫 藍奉獻自己的時間出國,為台灣民政府代表團拍照。在2017年5月的一次此類活動中,TCG在華盛頓舉辦的POLITICO活動中,朱利安(Julian)和康威(Conway)的一次會面被達倫藍拍攝下來。很自然地,這張照片在會員中流傳開來,以證明TCG在華府幕後的影響力與日俱增。檢察官逮住了這張照片,島上的審問人員在審問過程中多次反覆展示這張照片,譴責這張照片是電腦生成的,是假的。

The interrogation falsehood collapsed when the photo was shown to Lan. “Oh no, that is real, I took that picture. I took many others as well, would you like to see them? I have film or digital files of all my photographs and can prove I took them all.”


Lan’s interrogators released him without any further questions. While Lan now has a great photo story to tell grandchildren the importance of his interrogation has been ignored. Lan can prove that at least one of the claims made by the prosecution against TCG leaders, that the Conway photo was faked, is false. However, Lan will not be called as a witness in the case as ROC prosecutors evidently are not on a search for truth.


The false branding of the Conway photo as a fake is part of a pattern of prosecution deception that includes naming non-victims as victims yet denying them a chance to testify. TCG founder Roger Lin is accused of making false claims about the group identity card and overstating American support. The picture of Julian Lin and Kellyanne Conway together is genuine and poses unanswered questions about how deep inside the Trump administration did TCG get. Darren Lan’s photograph reveals why the ROC is so concerned about TCG.

將Conway照片偽造為偽造品是偽造起訴起訴模式的一部分,其中包括將非受害者命名為受害者,卻否認他們有作證的機會。TCG創始人羅傑·林(Roger Lin)被指控對該團體身份證提出虛假聲明,並誇大了美國的支持。朱利安·林(Julian Lin)和凱利安·康威(Kellyanne Conway)的照片是真實的,並提出了關於TCG特朗普政府內部有多深的未解問題。達倫藍(Darren Lan)的照片揭示了中華民國為何如此關注TCG。

In the seven decades of ROC control of Taiwan, the exiled Chinese government has had few opposing groups as determined as TCG is to unseat the regime. The fractured Taiwan independence movement combined can barely match a TCG event in size. The group lobbies politicians, files lawsuits, buys advertising, courts think-tanks, makes videos, and marches in parades. TCG inroads into the halls of power in Washington is not something the ROC is likely to ignore. Prosecutors say they are seeking justice for victims. TCG defendants say they are being prosecuted for political reasons and that fraud in the case is the work of the prosecution.

在中華民國控制台灣的七十年中,流亡的中國政府幾乎沒有像TCG那樣決心 推翻臺灣政權 下架流亡政權 的對立團體。分裂的"台獨"運動在規模上幾乎無法與TCG事件相提並論。該團體遊說政客,提起訴訟,購買廣告,法院智囊團,製作視頻以及法理宣傳遊行。進軍華府的權力殿堂並不是ROC可能會忽視的事情。檢察官說,他們正在為受害者尋求正義。TCG的被告者稱,他們是出於政治原因而被起訴,該案的詐欺行為是檢方的工作。


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