Please see attached for a more complete media report to date for Dr. Lin regarding the press release that we issued last week. 

請參見所附的檔案(下圖),這是關於上周林志昇(秘書長)發送新聞稿(呼籲簽署終戰協議) 更完整的媒體報告。

As you’ll see, the release appeared on 177 websites, with a potential audience of more than 82 million viewers!  As you’ll also see, while the release was posted on US and Japanese wires (it was not accepted by the Taiwan wire service due to content) it did in fact appear broadly in Taiwan. 

正如你所見,這篇新聞稿 (呼籲簽署終戰協議) 出現在全世界177個網頁,有將近八千兩百萬位讀者有可能點閱過這篇新聞稿,你也可以發現一件事,雖然這篇新聞稿 (呼籲簽署終戰協議) 只在美國與日本的通訊社發放(由於內容的關係,這篇新聞稿並沒有被台灣(中華民國)的通訊媒體所接受與報導) 但是事實上反而因為這樣,這篇新聞稿所要傳達的信息,也以另外一種方式 廣泛地出現在台灣。


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