2016-6-21 [examiner.com] Taiwan Civil Government registered with Justice Department over Taiwan status

Taiwan Civil Government registered with Justice Department over Taiwan status

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Roger Lin, Secretary General of Taiwan Civil Government, has hired Global Vision Communications, a K Street public relations firm in Washington, D.C. to promote self-determination for Taiwan. The $37,500 contract prompted Lin to also register the TCG organization with the Justice Department under the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

Taiwan Civil Government, recently dubbed a rival government to the Republic of China in-exile by the China Posthas been in the newsrecently after a TCG member's video rant went viral in Taiwan triggering street protests against the group.

According to the Justice Department registration, Lin is the TCG owner: “The Taiwanese Civil Government is owned and operated by Taiwanese businessman Roger Lin. It is also financed by dues paying members.

The TCG website boasts 40,000 members and sixty offices throughout Taiwan. Lin's group is also busy in the courtroom with a pending lawsuit against both the United States and the Republic of China over Nationality Decrees that stripped Formosans of their Japanese nationality after the end of World War II.

Although Roger Lin is estranged from two former ROC presidents and has burned bridges with key supporters, new adherents to the TCG message are joining daily. Lin, a legal researcher, has carefully followed the paper trail of Taiwan's post-World War II history and concluded that the United States obstructed Taiwanese independence with its “strategic ambiguity” strategy from the Cold War. Lin now seeks to compel the United States to guarantee self-determination for the island of 23 million people.

The TCG organization is a nation-building attempt using the Defense Department's civil affairs model. Although Lin is currently suing the United States, his anti-China posture and waving of the American flag has led some to speculate the group is secretly funded by the Central Intelligence Agency, a rumor that Lin declines to discuss.

The financing of TCG's ambitious agenda is a closely held secret and concern over the money led to the departure of Chung Cheng-mo and Neico Tsai, two of Lin's closest associates. The court battle and public relations campaign can be costly. In the contract with Global Vision, Lin shelled out $10,000 just to pitch TCG to individual reporters.

Taiwan Civil Government has created controversy and Taiwan's two major parties, the Kuomintang and the Democratic Progressive Party, have shunned the group. The loss of key officers has also lead to allegations of misused funds. However, like any political movement, it is the edges that move the middle and TCG is pushing hard.

The federal judge hearing Lin's lawsuit has called for final motions and a decision on the ROC Nationality Decrees is expected this summer. Although Roger Lin's last litigation to obtain American passports for Taiwanese stalled as a political question, that lawsuit did enter a new phrase “political purgatory” into the struggle for Taiwan's future.

▲ Roger Lin wrote the book on the USA responsibility for Taiwan's status

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